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Creating a Connection
  1. From the main window, choose "Database" -> "New Connection"
  2. From the "Create new connection" window, choose "RDM"
  3. Click "Next"
  4. Enter the JDBC URL in the "JDBC URL" edit box, enter "jdbc:raima:rdm://local/<dbname>"
    • For example: jdbc:raima:rdm://local/bookshop
  5. Click the "Driver properties" tab in this dialog box and locate the "document root" property.
  6. Enter the Document Root (docroot) location for the database in the JDBC URL.
    • For example: C:/Raima/RDM/14.1/GettingStarted/examples/sql_bookshop
  7. Click "Test Connection" to ensure that the connection is successful.
  8. Click "Finish"