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Windows Installation


If you have an RDM source package, please consult Windows Source Package Build instead of the content here.

This section covers the installation of RDM for Windows and cross compiled platforms using a Windows development host.

These instructions cover all object packages where Windows is the development host. That also include other cross compiled environments where the development host is Windows.

For any package type there is only one package to install except for documentation. Documentation is provided separately or can be viewed on line:

The install dialog

To begin the install, execute the RDM Installer from the file browser or a command shell as follows:

$ ./<package>-obj-<target-host>-14.1.0.exe 

Where package is the package type you have purchased and target-host is the target host. The target host will for cross compiled environments consist of a development host part and a target host part.

Ensure that the command is run from a user account that has the appropriate permissions for the desired installation directory.
The installer will first display a welcome screen.
Accept the license for RDM.
Select Installation Options

The installer lets you set some options for the install such as services to be started, other registry settings, path to tools and libraries, examples and tutorials to be installed, and RDM start menu entries. Services and registry settings can also be set later through the RDM start menu entries if you chose to install those.

The installer will then ask for an install path.

Up until this point you have the option of canceling the install an any time. If you confirm the install by clicking "Install" the installer will create the directory C:/Raima/RDM/14.1 within the directory specified.

Getting Started Video

Next Step

When RDM has been installed, the next step is to build examples and tutorials using Visual Studio (unless you got the installer to do this part for you) as described in Microsoft Visual Studio Build System.

Optionally, if you are only doing a hosted build for Windows and want to build the examples and tutorials using CMake (A Cross-Platform Build System) instead of the GNU build system, please consult CMake Build System.


To uninstall, simply run the uninstaller from the RDM start menu or through the system settings.