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Storage Media

A persistent RDM database is composed of computer files. These files are stored in an operating system's file system, which can be using hard drives, SD RAM, or SSD as the underlying media. RDM uses standard file I/O functions to access the file system. Data stored in the files are portable, or "platform agnostic" so that they may be directly copied between any any two computers.

RDM 14.1 contains has a new data storage engine optimized specifically for working with memory resident data sets. This new In-memory Database Engine (IMDB) allows for significant performance gains and a reduction in processing requirements compared to the on-disk-engine. The RDM IMDB runs alongside the RDM on-disk engine and databases can be opened with either one.

The discussion in this section will generally describe the concepts of the disk data repository but will not delve in to the complete details of the design. As a rule, the files in the repository should never be accessed or updated with non-RDM utilities.

The format of .pack and .idindex files will not be discussed in this document.