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Export the existing data

For this step, you will need the v12 rdmsql utility. Note that unless you have RDM version 10.1 or after, you will need to download the v12 SDK in order to obtain this utility.

  1. Change to the database document root.
  2. Run rdmsql.
  3. Enter the following commands, using your own database name in place of dbname. This will give you a list of the tables in your database.
    .c 1
    open database dbname read only;
    select name from sys$table where dbname="dbname";
  4. Save this list of table names for the next step. For each table, an EXPORT statement should be submitted to rdmsql. These statements may be entered by hand, or they may be read from a text file. For a large list of tables, use an editor to create your EXPORTS:
    export into file "table1.csv" from select * from table1;
    export into file "table2.csv" from select * from table2;
    export into file "tableN.csv" from select * from tableN;
  5. If the above statements are in a file named exports.sql, read them into rdmsql:
    .r exports.sql
  6. The exports will create and fill the files named in your export statements.