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Miscellaneous functions
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RDM_RETCODE rdm_dbPersistInMemory (RDM_DB db)
 Persist in-memory tables to disk. More...

Detailed Description

Miscellaneous API. All the fuctions here are located in RDM DB Engine Library. Linker option:


Function Documentation

◆ rdm_dbPersistInMemory()

RDM_RETCODE rdm_dbPersistInMemory ( RDM_DB  db)

#include <rdmdbapi.h>

Persist in-memory tables to disk.

This function will write data from in-memory tables to the physical file(s) backing the database. The in-memory tables must be "storage=inmemory_persist" or "storage=inmemory_read".

Locking Requirements
Read locks on all tables (RDM_LOCK_ALL).
Return values
sOKAYNormal, successful return.
eDBNOTOPENDatabase not open.
eREADONLYDatabase is read-only and cannot be updated.
eNOSTARTREADA read operation was attempted when no rdm_dbStartSnapshot(), rdm_dbStartRead(), or rdm_dbStartUpdate() is active.
eNOTLOCKEDAttempt to access a table for reading or update without proper locks.
ePRECOMMITTEDA precommitted transaction must be committed or rolled back before further operations on this database are allowed.
See also
[in]dbA valid RDM database handle