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Database Initialization
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RDM_RETCODE rdm_rdmAllocDatabase (RDM_DB *pDb)
 Allocate memory for a new RDM db. More...

Detailed Description

The core database instantiation API. The functions here are located in Transactional File Server Interface Library. Linker option:


Function Documentation

◆ rdm_rdmAllocDatabase()

RDM_RETCODE rdm_rdmAllocDatabase ( RDM_DB pDb)

#include <rdmrdmapi.h>

Allocate memory for a new RDM db.

This function allocates memory for and initializes an RDM_DB using the default RDM_TFS. You must call rdm_dbOpen() to associate a database with the handle.

Database configuration options associated with the RDM_TFS handle will be inherited at this point. Changes to the RDM_TFS handle options after this point will not change the values now associated with the RDM_DB handle.
Return values
sOKAYNormal, successful return.
See also
[out]pDbA pointer an RDM_DB