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Next Steps

If set ordering is an important issue to resolve, consider a new column that can be sorted to establish the correct order.

There are two new and fully integrated APIs available to program new modules or to convert existing ones. The rdm_ API (cursors/handles) is a robust, modern API that is recommended for any new programming. The SQL API is for SQL queries and manipulation of the database. SQL modules are completely compatible with d_ or rdm_ modules.

Utilize dynamic DDL to revise the schema. Remember that Core API programs (those using the C structures for rows/record) should be recompiled after revisions if columns have been added or removed, because this changes the structure definitions. Also, set additions or deletions will affect the structures.

Consider using nullable columns. Core programs often use 0 or "" to indicate that there is no value in a column, but the _has_value flags are the proper way to deal with data that may actually be null.

Utilize the SQL data types that are now built into the Core library: BCD, TIME, TIMESTAMP. All APIs have all data types available to use for sorting, etc.