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This setting sets the size of the runtime object cache. This function must be called prior to open a database with the handle. Cache will be increased as needed if requirements exceed the existing number of allocated objects.

Default Value

If the cache_size option is not defined, the default value of 20,000 bytes is used.


Database Configuration Options

This option key is associated with the RDM_DB handle (or RDM_CPP::Db for C++) and can be set using one of the following functions:

The option key can also be associated with the RDM_TFS handle (or RDM_CPP::TFS for C++) which will be inherited by the next RDM_DB handle (or RDM_CPP::Db for C++) allocated. Modifications to the RDM_TFS after the RDM_DB is allocated have no effect on the allocated RDM_DB. The following functions can be used to set the key/values to be inherited later: