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This is the total size the database engine tries to enforce for the .pack and .idindex files in the database subdirectory. When the total size exceeds this value, the system will force vacuuming to free up space occupied by unused space in pack files. Performance will constantly be degraded when the database is exceeding the maximum because the system will is forced to vacuum all files in order to eliminate vacuumed files in the middle of a sequence of .pack files.

Default Value

If the db_size option is not defined, the default value of 21,474,836,480 bytes is used.


Database Configuration Options

This option key is associated with the RDM_DB handle (or RDM_CPP::Db for C++) and can be set using one of the following functions:

The option key can also be associated with the RDM_TFS handle (or RDM_CPP::TFS for C++) which will be inherited by the next RDM_DB handle (or RDM_CPP::Db for C++) allocated. Modifications to the RDM_TFS after the RDM_DB is allocated have no effect on the allocated RDM_DB. The following functions can be used to set the key/values to be inherited later:

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