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The listener process accepts remote connections via TCP/IP or shared memory communications protocol for the local TFS instance. By default, the listener is disabled when the TFS is instantiated. The listen option, when enabled, will start the listener process when the TFS is instantiated.

This option is not required to start the listener process. The process can be enabled and disabled programmatically for the local TFS at any time using C function calls (rdm_tfsEnableListener() and rdm_tfsDisableListener()), or C++ function calls (RDM_CPP::TFS::EnableListener() and RDM_CPP::TFS::DisableListener()) within the application.

Default Value

If the Listen option is not defined, the default value of OFF is used.

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Boolean Values Accepted

The following values can be accepted boolean values:

TRUE Values FALSE Values
1 0
On Off
True False
String values above are not case-sensitive.
TFS Instantiation Options

This option can only be set when the TFS instance is started. Some of the functions that can be used to set this option are listed below:

If the rdm-tfs utility is being used to instantiate a TFS, command line options are used to set options affecting TFS startup.