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This option sets the amount of time the lock manager allows an unsatisfied lock request to wait on the lock request queue. The number of seconds to wait is specified by secs. A value of 'Inf' or -1 indicates that no lock requests are set to timeout (that is, requests wait forever). A value of 0 causes lock requests to time out if they cannot be granted immediately.

Default Value

If the timeout option is not defined, the default value of 10 seconds is used.


Database Configuration Options

This option key is associated with the RDM_DB handle (or RDM_CPP::Db for C++) and can be set using one of the following functions:

The option key can also be associated with the RDM_TFS handle (or RDM_CPP::TFS for C++) which will be inherited by the next RDM_DB handle (or RDM_CPP::Db for C++) allocated. Modifications to the RDM_TFS after the RDM_DB is allocated have no effect on the allocated RDM_DB. The following functions can be used to set the key/values to be inherited later:

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