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rdmretcodeapi.h File Reference

Header for the RDM Error APIs. More...

#include "psptypes.h"
#include "rdmretcodetypes.h"
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RDM_RETCODE rdm_retcodeGetCode (const RDM_TCHAR_T *retCodeName)
 Get the numeric RDM status code for a literal status name. More...
const RDM_TCHAR_Trdm_retcodeGetDescription (RDM_RETCODE retcode)
 Invoke RDM error handler. More...
const RDM_TCHAR_Trdm_retcodeGetName (RDM_RETCODE retcode)
 Get the mnemonic name for an error or status code. More...

Detailed Description

Header for the RDM Error APIs.

Definition in file rdmretcodeapi.h.