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rdmrowidtypes.h File Reference

Header for row ID types. More...

#include "psptypes.h"
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#define NULL_ROWID   ((RDM_ROWID_T) 0)
#define NULL_SLOT   ((RDM_SLOT) 0)


typedef uint64_t RDM_ROWID_T
typedef uint8_t RDM_UNO
typedef uint64_t RDM_SLOT

Detailed Description

Header for row ID types.

Definition in file rdmrowidtypes.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define NULL_ROWID   ((RDM_ROWID_T) 0)

The NULL row ID


Definition at line 25 of file rdmrowidtypes.h.


#define NULL_SLOT   ((RDM_SLOT) 0)

The NULL slot

Definition at line 26 of file rdmrowidtypes.h.

Typedef Documentation


typedef uint64_t RDM_ROWID_T

The RDM row ID

Definition at line 21 of file rdmrowidtypes.h.


typedef uint64_t RDM_SLOT

The RDM slot

Definition at line 23 of file rdmrowidtypes.h.


typedef uint8_t RDM_UNO

The RDM union number

Definition at line 22 of file rdmrowidtypes.h.