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rdmtimetzapi.h File Reference

Header for the public time with timezone API. More...

#include "rdmdatetimetypes.h"
#include "rdmretcodetypes.h"
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RDM_RETCODE rdm_timetzNowAsString (int16_t time_zone, RDM_TCHAR_T *timebuf, size_t buflen)
 Get current time with timezone as a string. More...
RDM_RETCODE rdm_timetzFromString (const RDM_TCHAR_T *str, RDM_PACKED_TIMETZ_T *ptz)
 Convert a string to a time. More...
RDM_RETCODE rdm_timetzNow (int16_t time_zone, RDM_PACKED_TIMETZ_T *ptz)
 Get the current time with timezone. More...
RDM_RETCODE rdm_timetzToTime (RDM_PACKED_TIMETZ_T timetzVal, int16_t tz_disp, RDM_PACKED_TIME_T *pTimeVal)
 Convert a time with timezone to local time. More...
RDM_RETCODE rdm_timetzToString (RDM_PACKED_TIMETZ_T timetzVal, RDM_TIME_FORMAT time_fmt, RDM_TCHAR_T *buf, size_t bufSize, size_t *puSize)
 Convert a time with timezone to a string. More...
RDM_PACKED_TIMETZ_T rdm_timetzZero (void)
 Get the time at the start of a day. More...

Detailed Description

Header for the public time with timezone API.

Definition in file rdmtimetzapi.h.