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Starting rdm-sql

RDM provides a command-line tool, rdm-sql, that allows the user to issue SQL commands to interact with one or more RDM databases.

On Linux, the installer provides a wrapper under <rdm_install_dir>/3rd-pty/rdm-sql-rlwrap/rdm-sql that provides history and tab-completion for rdm-sql.

Navigate to your working directory. Type the following command in the command-line terminal.

On UNIX/Linux:

$ rdm-sql

On Windows:

C:> rdm-sql
From this point on, we will only show you the commands in the UNIX/Linux terminal unless the commands are different between the UNIX/Linux and Windows families.

The following product banner is displayed, followed by an rdm-sql prompt.

Raima Database Manager SQL command processor Utility
Raima Database Manager 14.1.2 Build 3053 [7-11-2018]
Copyright (c) 2018 Raima Inc., All rights reserved.
Enter ? for list of interface commands.