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Example C++ API Core Cursor Application

Schema Compilation

The schema compile process creates generated source files necessary for your application program to access the database defined by the schema.

Generating C++ program interface files:
rdm-compile --cxx-api hello_world.sdl

The C++ API interface generates three files, examples/hello_world_structs.h, which contains the definition of the row in the INFO table as a C-struct as well as the other identifiers necessary to communicate with this database via the Core Cursor C++ API. It also generates examples/hello_world_gen.cpp and examples/hello_world_gen_api.h which define the C++ class and methods for accessing the database defined by the schema.

Include Files Needed

The necessary files that need to be included for this application are:

#include "cpp-tfs.h" // The RDM TFS class
#include "cpp-exception.h" // The RDM exception class
#include "cpp-transaction.h" // The RDM transaction class
#include "hello_world_gen_api.h" // The hello_world database API.