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An application using our ODBC, ADO .NET or JDBC interface can access a TFS in the fourth way. Called "SQL TFS", this type of TFS utilizes a remote connection just like Remote TFS but instead of having the RDM TFS engine communicate with the RDM Database Interface through RPC, SQL TFS has a separate RDM SQL server layer that communicates with a remote application, which has an RDM SQL client layer linked in. Like Remote TFS, SQL TFS allows an application and TFS to be on the same computer as well as on separate ones.

The diagram below shows a typical SQL TFS configuration. The SQL TFS has the Database Engine and SQL Server components enabled, accepting SQL connections from client applications. The corresponding SQL Client component is built into each of the RDM ADO .NET, JDBC and ODBC libraries.

The key difference between the SQL TFS and the other two types of TFS is that an application working with an SQL TFS does not need to have a TFS handle. More on this in the "Interacting with TFS" section.


An RDM ADO .NET, JDBC or ODBC application can also interact with an Embedded TFS as well as a Remote TFS.