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Database Configuration Options

Options are defined using keys or properties. Every key has a name and a value, delimited by an equals sign (=). The key name appears to the left of the equals sign. Key names are not case-sensitive. Unless otherwise noted, values are not case-sensitive.

Key Value Description
timeout Specify default lock timeout in seconds.
time_zone Specify current time zone.
storage Specify database storage mode.
cache_size Specify cache size.
item_format Specify row storage form.
locale Specify database locale.
error_format Specify error message format.
durability Specify database transaction safety level.
pack_write_chunk_size The abstract size of the transaction chunk written to the pack.
pack_file_size Specify pack file maximum size.
db_size Specify the maximum database size allocation.
vacuum_percentage Specify the vacuum trigger level for pack files.
vacuum_write_chunk_sizeSpecify the vacuum scan size for pack files.
vacuum_read_chunk_size Specify the vacuum write size for pack files.
idindex_flush_threshold_on_close Specify the threshold for flushing the ID-index when the last database user closes the database.
idindex_flush_threshold Specify the threshold for flushing the ID-index.
idindex_cache_size Specify the size of the ID-index cache in byte.