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Unsupported Statement Methods

For all these unsupported methods the JDBC Driver will throw a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException instead of a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.

  • Statement.setPoolable(int)
Scrollable cursors.

The SQL engine only supports static, forward-only cursors. Attempting to set the resultSetType to anything other than ResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY or attempting to move in any other direction than forwards throws a SQLException. This affects the following methods.

  • Statement.setFetchDirection(int)
Auto generated keys.

The SQL engine does not support the returning of auto generated columns/keys. Attempting to specify that auto generated columns/keys should be returned will throw a SQLException. This affects the following methods

  • Statement.execute(String, int)
  • Statement.execute(String, int[])
  • Statement.execute(String, String[])
  • Statement.executeUpdate(String, int)
  • Statement.executeUpdate (String, int[])
  • Statement.executeUpdate (String, String[])
  • Statement.getGeneratedKeys()