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RDM_RANGE_KEY Struct Reference

The RDM Range Key data structure. More...

#include "rdmtypes.h"

Data Fields

const void * value
size_t bytesIn
uint16_t numKeyCols

Detailed Description

The RDM Range Key data structure.

Definition at line 103 of file rdmtypes.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bytesIn

size_t RDM_RANGE_KEY::bytesIn

The length of value

Definition at line 106 of file rdmtypes.h.

◆ numKeyCols

uint16_t RDM_RANGE_KEY::numKeyCols

The number of key columns to use for the key. If this field is zero the function uses all key columns. If this parameter is a non-zero value only the number of key columns indicated will be used. This parameter is intended for compound keys, although specifying '1' for a non-compound key is safe

Definition at line 107 of file rdmtypes.h.

◆ range


RDM_RANGE_OPEN if the range is open or RDM_RANGE_CLOSED if it is closed

Definition at line 114 of file rdmtypes.h.

◆ value

const void* RDM_RANGE_KEY::value

The key value

Definition at line 105 of file rdmtypes.h.

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