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RDM_SEARCH_KEY Struct Reference

The RDM Partial Key data structure. More...

#include "rdmtypes.h"

Data Fields

const void * value
size_t bytesIn
uint16_t numKeyCols
uint16_t stringLen

Detailed Description

The RDM Partial Key data structure.

Definition at line 58 of file rdmtypes.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bytesIn

size_t RDM_SEARCH_KEY::bytesIn

The length of value

Definition at line 61 of file rdmtypes.h.

◆ numKeyCols

uint16_t RDM_SEARCH_KEY::numKeyCols

The number of key columns to use for the key. If this field is zero the function uses all key columns. If this parameter is a non-zero value only the number of key columns indicated will be used. This parameter is intended for compound keys, although specifying '1' for a non-compound key is safe

Definition at line 62 of file rdmtypes.h.

◆ stringLen

uint16_t RDM_SEARCH_KEY::stringLen

The partial string length (in characters) for the key value. If this value is non-zero value, only that many characters of the last column being considered (depending on mumKeyCols above) will be used. The last column must be string type

Definition at line 69 of file rdmtypes.h.

◆ value

const void* RDM_SEARCH_KEY::value

The key value

Definition at line 60 of file rdmtypes.h.

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