BeginTransaction(string, IsolationLevel) Method


public RdmTransaction BeginTransaction(String transactionName, IsolationLevel isolationLevel)


The BeginTransaction method creates a new transaction that can be used to combine changes into a unit that can be committed or discarded all together. There can only be one transaction active per connection.

This method creates a transaction with the specified transaction name and the specified isolation level.



Type: System.String

Specifies the name to pass to the SQL engine for the new transaction.


Type: System.Data.IsolationLevel

Specifies the isolation level for the transaction. The RDM Data Adapter directly supports the IsolationLevel.Serializable and Isolation.Snapshot isolation levels. All other isolation levels will be silently mapped to IsolationLevel.Serializable.

Return Value:

Type: RdmTransaction


Exception Condition
InvalidOperationException The connection is closed.
InvalidOperationException A transaction is already in progress.