SQL Configuration Options

Options are defined using keys or properties. Every key has a name and a value, delimited by an equals sign (=). The key name appears to the left of the equals sign. Key names are not case-sensitive. Unless otherwise noted, values are not case-sensitive.

Key Value Description
autocommit Enable autocommit mode.
snapshotmode Specify snapshot start mode.
dateformat Specify default display format for date.
timeformat Specify default display format for time.
wildall Change default "wild all" character.
wildone Change default "wild one" charcater.
sortcostfactor Specify sort cost factor (query).
debugmode Specify debug mode (query).
optthreshold Specify optimizer threshold (query).
defaulttransaction Specify default transaction type.
defaultopenmode Specify default database open mode.
optimizeparameters Enable re-prepare of statements with parameter values