RdmTimeFormat Enumeration


The RdmTimeFormat enumeration is used to specify the format in which the time values retrieved from the RDM database are displayed as character strings. The enumeration has seven values that correspond to constants: RDM_HH, RDM_HHMM, RDM_HHMMSS, RDM_HHSSMMF, RDM_HHMMSSFF, RDM_HHMMSSFFF and RDM_HHMMSSFFFF. HH indicates the hour (in 24-hour notation), MM the minute, SS the second, and F is the fraction where the number of Fs specifies the number of fractional digits. In 16:23:55.1234, "1234" is the fraction. The default is RDM_HHMMSSFFFF.

The time format specified with RdmTimeFormat only affects the time values converted to character strings by RDM SQL. It has no impact on dates retrieved as .NET Framework System.DateTime objects. In that case, all the normal formatting abilities apply.It also does not affect the result values that are returned by a query as time values and then converted to character strings by the ADO .NET Data Provider.