RdmDataAdapter class


The RdmDataAdapter class, derived from DbDataAdapter, is a class that serves as a bridge between a DataTable or DataSet and the data in an RDM database. Data is moved from the database to the DataTable or DataSet when a Fill method is called and changes are made back to the database when an Update method is called.

Public Constructors:

Public Properties:

  • AcceptChangesDuringFill (Inherited from DataAdapter)
  • AcceptChangesDuringUpdate (Inherited from DataAdapter)
  • Container (Inherited from Component)
  • ContinueUpdateOnError (Inherited from DataAdapter)
  • DeleteCommand
  • FillLoadOption (Inherited from DataAdapter)
  • InsertCommand
  • MissingMappingAction (Inherited from DataAdapter)
  • MissingSchemaAction (Inherited from DataAdapter)
  • ReturnProviderSpecificTypes (Inherited from DataAdapter)
  • SelectCommand
  • Site (Inherited from Component)
  • TableMappings (Inherited from DataAdapter)
  • UpdateBatchSize
  • UpdateCommand {}

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