create database

Create a database or schema definition


          CREATE {SCHEMA | DATABASE} {database_name | db-uri}


The CREATE DATABASE statement is used to introduce the database definition for a new database. The definition is contained in the sequence of DDL statements (CREATE DOMAIN or CREATE TABLE) that are submitted immediately following this statement. The name of the database is specified by the database_name identifier.

The database is automatically created and initialized upon the successful compilation of all of its subsequent DDL statements and execution of the first non-DDL statement (usually COMMIT) that follows the DDL statements. At that point, the database is open and ready for use. If encryption is enabled, the database encryption key will automatically be created for this connection.

Only one CREATE DATABASE can be issued in a given connection and no other databases can be opened when the CREATE DATABASE is issued.

This statement can only be executed through SQL. It is not recognized by the rdm-compile and rdm-create utilities.


create database bookshop;

create table author(
    last_name   char(11) primary key,
    full_name   char(35),    
    gender      char(1),
    yr_born     smallint,
    yr_died     smallint,
    short_bio   varchar(250)
... other DDL statements for the bookshop database


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