Database repair utility


rdm-repair [OPTION]… db-uri


rdm-repair is a command-line utility to diagnose and repair an existing RDM database.

$> rdm-repair --rebuild-all-keys BOOKSHOP


-h, --help Display this usage information
--version Display the version information
-q, --quiet Quiet mode. No information will be displayed
--key=key Specify the encryption key for the database ([algorithm:]passcode). The valid algorithms are xor, aes128, aes192 and aes256. The AES algorithms are only available for packages that have strong encryption support. If an algorithm is not specified, the default is aes128 for strong encryption packages and xor otherwise.
--docroot=path The location of the docroot directory. (See Database Storage Location)
--report=# Specifies the number of rows between progress reports (default no report).
-j, --jobs=# Specifies the number of jobs to use processing the repair (default no jobs, everything performed in main thread)
-L, --collate=collation-id Specify a collation locale to use for sorting string values.
--log-level=level Set the log level (all, error, warning, or info). The default is info.
--rebuild-key=name Rebuild the specified a key
--rebuild-keys=name Rebuild all keys for the specified table
--rebuild-all-keys Rebuild all keys in the database
db-uri An RDM Database URI

Short options can be combined into one string starting with a single '-'. Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too. Long option arguments can also be specified in a separate argument.