RDMCallableStatement class

Implements the CallableStatement interface of java.sql.


For more information, reference JDBC documentation for: CallableStatement

Public Methods

Unsupported Methods

For all these unsupported methods the JDBC Driver will throw a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException instead of a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.

Output parameters. The SQL engine in RDM only supports input parameters to procdures, so the following functions are not supported by the JDBC driver and will throw a SQLException.

  • CallableStatement.getArray(int)
  • CallableStatement.getArray(String)
  • CallableStatement.getBigDecimal(int)
  • CallableStatement.getBigDecimal(String)
  • CallableStatement.getBlob(int)
  • CallableStatement.getBlob(String)
  • CallableStatement.getBoolean(int)
  • CallableStatement.getBoolean(String)
  • CallableStatement.getByte(int)
  • CallableStatement.getByte(String)
  • CallableStatement.getBytes(int)
  • CallableStatement.getBytes(String)
  • CallableStatement.getCharacterStream(int)
  • CallableStatement.getCharacterStream(String)
  • CallableStatement.getClob(int)
  • CallableStatement.getClob(String)
  • CallableStatement.getDate(int)
  • CallableStatement.getDate(int, Calendar)
  • CallableStatement.getDate(String)
  • CallableStatement.getDate(String, Calendar)
  • CallableStatement.getDouble(int)
  • CallableStatement.getDouble (String)
  • CallableStatement.getFloat(int)
  • CallableStatement.getFloat (String)
  • CallableStatement.getInt(int)
  • CallableStatement.getInt (String)
  • CallableStatement.getLong(int)
  • CallableStatement.getLong (String)
  • CallableStatement.getNCharacterStream(int)
  • CallableStatement.getNCharacterStream(String)
  • CallableStatement.getNClob(int)
  • CallableStatement.getNClob(String)
  • CallableStatement.getNString(int)
  • CallableStatement.getNString (String)
  • CallableStatement.getObject(int)
  • CallableStatement.getObject(int, Map)
  • CallableStatement.getObject (String)
  • CallableStatement.getObject (String, Map)
  • CallableStatement.getRef(int)
  • CallableStatement.getRef(String)
  • CallableStatement.getRowId(int)
  • CallableStatement.getRowId (String)
  • CallableStatement.getShort(int)
  • CallableStatement.getShort (String)
  • CallableStatement.getSQLXML(int)
  • CallableStatement.getSQLXML (String)
  • CallableStatement.getString(int)
  • CallableStatement.getString (String)
  • CallableStatement.getTime(int)
  • CallableStatement.getTime (int, Calendar)
  • CallableStatement.getTime (String)
  • CallableStatement.getTime (String, Calendar)
  • CallableStatement.getTimestamp(int)
  • CallableStatement.getTimestamp (int, Calendar)
  • CallableStatement.getTimestamp (String)
  • CallableStatement.getTimestamp (String, Calendar)
  • CallableStatement.getURL(int)
  • CallableStatement.getURL (String)
  • CallableStatement.registerOutParameter(int, int)
  • CallableStatement.registerOutParameter(int, int, int)
  • CallableStatement.registerOutParameter(int, int, String)
  • CallableStatement.registerOutParameter(String, int)
  • CallableStatement.registerOutParameter(String, int, int)
  • CallableStatement.registerOutParameter(String, int, String)
  • CallableStatement.wasNull()

JDBC deprecated functions. The following are deprecated in JDBC 4.0 and thus are unsupported by the RDM JDBC driver and will throw a SQLException.

  • CallableStatement.getBigDecimal(int, int)

SQL ROWID type. Although the SQL engine in RDM does have a rowid concept it is limited, so the JDBC driver limits what can be done. The following methods throw SQLExceptions.

  • CallableStatement.setRowId(String, RowId)

SQL XML type. The SQL engine in RDM has no XML type, so the JDBC driver does not support it. This includes the following methods which throw a SQLException.

  • CallableStatement.setSQLXML(String, SQLXML)

SQL URL type. The SQL engine in RDM has no URL type, so the JDBC driver does not support it. This includes the following methods which throw a SQLException.

  • CallableStatement.setURL(String, URL)