Properties getClientInfo() throws SQLException


Returns a list containing the name and current value of each client info property supported by the driver. The value of a client info property may be null if the property has not been set and does not have a default value.

The parameters supported by the JDBC Driver for Raima Database Manager are

Property Options
'auto commit' 'on' or 'off'
'transaction isolation' 'read_uncommited', 'read_commited', 'repeatable_read', or 'serializable'
'open mode' 's' (shared mode), 'x' (exclusive mode), 'xn' (exclusive, no-transaction mode), or 'r' (readonly mode)
'read only transactions' 'on' or 'off'
'document root' Path to the document root on the file system.
'date separator' '-' or '/'
'date format' 'yyyymmdd', 'mmddyyyy', or 'ddmmyyyyy'
'lock timeout' Number of seconds to wait on locks that are not yet available.

For further information on these parameters see RDMDriver.connect.


Type:  Properties

A Properties object that contains the name and current value of each of the client info properties supported by the driver.


SQLException - if a database access error occurs


For more information, reference JDBC documentation for: Connection.getClientInfo()