setClientInfo(Properties properties)


void setClientInfo(Properties properties)
                   throws SQLClientInfoException


Sets the value of the connection's client info properties. The Properties object contains the names and values of the client info properties to be set. The set of client info properties contained in the properties list replaces the current set of client info properties on the connection. If a property that is currently set on the connection is not present in the properties list, that property is cleared. Specifying an empty properties list will clear all of the properties on the connection. See setClientInfo (String, String) for more information.

If an error occurs in setting any of the client info properties, a SQLClientInfoException is thrown. The SQLClientInfoException contains information indicating which client info properties were not set. The state of the client information is unknown because some databases do not allow multiple client info properties to be set atomically. For those databases, one or more properties may have been set before the error occurred.



Type:  Properties

the list of client info properties to set


SQLClientInfoException - if the database server returns an error while setting the clientInfo values on the database server or this method is called on a closed connection


For more information, reference JDBC documentation for: Connection.setClientInfo(Properties)