getSuperTables(String catalog, String schemaPattern, String tableNamePattern)


ResultSet getSuperTables(String catalog,
                         String schemaPattern,
                         String tableNamePattern)
                         throws SQLException


Retrieves a description of the table hierarchies defined in a particular schema in this database.

Only supertable information for tables matching the catalog, schema and table name are returned. The table name parameter may be a fully- qualified name, in which case, the catalog and schemaPattern parameters are ignored. If a table does not have a super table, it is not listed here. Supertables have to be defined in the same catalog and schema as the sub tables. Therefore, the type description does not need to include this information for the supertable.

Each type description has the following columns:

TABLE_CAT String the type's catalog (may be null)
TABLE_SCHEM String type's schema (may be null)
TABLE_NAME String type name
SUPERTABLE_NAME String the direct super type's name


catalog - a catalog name; "" retrieves those without a catalog; null means drop catalog name from the selection criteria

schemaPattern - a schema name pattern; "" retrieves those without a schema

tableNamePattern - a table name pattern; may be a fully-qualified name


a ResultSet object in which each row is a type description


SQLException - if a database access error occurs