getAsciiStream(int columnIndex)


InputStream getAsciiStream(int columnIndex)
                           throws SQLException


Retrieves the value of the designated column in the current row of this ResultSet object as a stream of ASCII characters. The value can then be read in chunks from the stream. This method is particularly suitable for retrieving large LONGVARCHAR values. The JDBC driver will do any necessary conversion from the database format into ASCII.

Note: All the data in the returned stream must be read prior to getting the value of any other column. The next call to a getter method implicitly closes the stream. Also, a stream may return 0 when the method InputStream.available is called whether there is data available or not.



the first column is 1, the second is 2, ...


a Java input stream that delivers the database column value as a stream of one-byte ASCII characters; if the value is SQL NULL, the value returned is null


SQLException - if a database access error occurs, columnIndex is less than 1 or greater than the number of columns, or this method is called on a closed result set


For more information, reference JDBC documentation for: ResultSet.getAsciiStream(int)