execute(String sql)


boolean execute(String sql)
                throws SQLException


Executes the given SQL statement, which may return multiple results. In some (uncommon) situations, a single SQL statement may return multiple result sets and/or update counts. Normally you can ignore this unless you are (1) executing a stored procedure that you know may return multiple results or (2) you are dynamically executing an unknown SQL string.

The execute method executes an SQL statement and indicates the form of the first result. You must then use the methods getResultSet or getUpdateCount to retrieve the result, and getMoreResults to move to any subsequent result(s).



any SQL statement


true if the first result is a ResultSet object; false if it is an update count or there are no results


SQLException - if a database access error occurs or the statement has been closed


For more information, reference JDBC documentation for: Statement.execute(String)