Schema for the core10Example_main.c example. Compile this schema using rdm-compile as follows:

rdm-compile --c-structs --lc-struct-members --catalog core10.sdl

and include the generated header file(s) as follows:

#include "core10_structs.h"
#include "core10_cat.h"

and compile the following generated source file(s):


Here follows the actual schema:

* EXAMPLE - Core10 C
* This is the DDL (Database Definition Language) for a database implementing
* two one-to-many relationship using network model sets. The database will
* implement the beginnings of an mp3 collection. The one (owner) side
* of the relationship is an artist records. The many (member) side of the
* relationship is the album record. There will be a second set where the one
* side is the album record and the many side is a track record.
* The artist name and album title will be index so they can be retrieved in
* sorted order. The index will also allow an application to preform an
* efficient search on those fields.
create table artist
artistid rowid primary key,
name char(100) not null key
create table album
albumid rowid primary key,
artistid rowid references artist(artistid),
title char(100) not null key
create table track
albumid rowid references album(albumid),
title char(100) not null key