Schema for the core29Example_main.c example. Compile this schema using rdm-compile as follows:

rdm-compile --c-structs --lc-struct-members --catalog core29Example.sdl

and include the generated header file(s) as follows:

#include "core29Example_structs.h"
#include "core29Example_cat.h"

and compile the following generated source file(s):


Here follows the actual schema:

create table branches (
bid integer not null,
bbalance double not null,
filler char(92),
constraint branches_pk primary key (bid)
create table tellers (
tid integer not null,
bid integer not null,
tbalance double not null,
filler char(84),
constraint tellers_pk primary key (tid),
constraint tellers_fk foreign key (bid) references branches (bid)
create table accounts (
aid integer not null,
bid integer not null,
abalance double not null,
filler char(88),
constraint accounts_pk primary key (aid),
constraint accounts_fk foreign key (bid) references branches (bid)