Database Instantiation Functions
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RDM_RETCODE rdm_tfsAllocDatabase (RDM_TFS tfs, RDM_DB *pDb)
Allocate memory for a new RDM db. More...

Detailed Description

The database instantiation API. The functions here are located in Transactional File Server Interface Library. Linker option:


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RDM_RETCODE rdm_tfsAllocDatabase ( RDM_TFS tfs,
RDM_DB * pDb

#include <rdmtfsapi.h>

Allocate memory for a new RDM db.

This function allocates memory for and initializes an RDM_DB using the specified RDM_TFS. You must call rdm_dbOpen() or rdm_dbSetCatalog() to associate a schema with the database handle.

This function can be called from several threads in parallel to obtain thread specific database handles as long as no other operations are performed on the tfs handle.

Return values
sOKAY Normal, successful return.
See also
[in] tfs The RDM_TFS associated with the RDM_DB
[out] pDb A pointer an RDM_DB
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