RDM Transport Library

The RDM Transport library handles the connection to a remote TFS over TCP/IP or shared memory transport.

The transport library is by design reentrant but uses libraries that by themselves may not be reentrant.

The transport library is not entirely reentrant. We use a global variable that we increment to generate a unique token. This global variable is not protected by any mutex even though this variable may be updated from multiple threads simultaneously. This gives raise to certain race conditions. However this does not lead to any incorrect results except that some internal IDs does not have a deterministic value.

Make sure to suppress funtions that end in '__race_condition_ok' when using profiling tools that check for synchronisation errors.

Library dependencies
Library File Names
File Name Where it is used
librdmtransport.so Library used during compile on Unix
librdmtransport-15.so Used by runtime link-loader when executing on Unix
rdmtransport-15.lib Library used during compile on Windows
rdmtransport-15.dll Used by runtime link-loader when executing on Windows
* Other extensions may be used depending on target platform