RDM_RETCODE exampleRdm_rdmAllocDatabase (const char *databaseName)
RDM_TFS tfs;
RDM_DB db;
rc = rdm_rdmAllocDatabase (&db);
if (rc == sOKAY)
rc = rdm_dbOpen (db, databaseName, RDM_OPEN_SHARED);
if (rc == sOKAY)
printf ("Database (%s) is open!\n", databaseName);
rc = rdm_dbClose (db);
rc = rdm_dbFree (db);
return rc;
RDM_RETCODE rdm_dbClose(RDM_DB db)
Close the database associated with a database handle.
RDM_RETCODE rdm_dbFree(RDM_DB db)
Free a database handle.
RDM_RETCODE rdm_dbOpen(RDM_DB db, const char *dbNameSpec, RDM_OPEN_MODE mode)
Open an existing RDM database using the specified database handle.
Definition: rdmretcodetypes.h:97
Definition: rdmtypes.h:253
struct RDM_TFS_S * RDM_TFS
RDM TFS Handle.
Definition: rdmtfstypes.h:21
struct RDM_DB_S * RDM_DB
Definition: rdmtypes.h:305
RDM status and error return codes.
Definition: rdmretcodetypes.h:43