Getting Started Core Cursor Application

The following examples will use the tutorials found in the installation package to discuss different "getting started" scenarios for RaimaDB. This section will focus on the Core Cursor API for C and C++. The source to both the C and C++ versions of these examples can be located in the ../GettingStarted/tutorials directory of the installer package.

The C and C++ Core Cursor APIs are the access methods to the database. C database programming is approached in a linear fashion with cleanup is handled by the developer. C++ database programming has the advantage of automatically generated access methods based on the schema definition. The interfaces are implemented as smart pointers to implementation objects. Therefore, the interface objects should be passed by value not reference. There are explicit public methods for the default constructor, copy constructor, assignment operator, and destructor that implement the smart pointer. The developer only needs to know that whenever the last interface reference goes out of scope the database will automatically be closed and the implementation object will be de-allocated.

The example applications will demonstrate a several things: