RDMResultSet class

Implements the ResultSet interface of java.sql.


For more information, reference JDBC documentation for: ResultSet

Public Methods

Unsupported Methods

For all these unsupported methods the JDBC Driver will throw a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException instead of a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.

  • ResultSet.getObject(int, Map<String,Class<?>> )
  • ResultSet.getObject(String, Map<String,Class<?>>)

SQL Array type. The SQL engine in RDM has no Array type, so the JDBC driver does not support it. This includes the following methods which throw a SQLException.

  • ResultSet.getArray(int)
  • ResultSet.getArray(String)

SQL XML type. The SQL engine in RDM has no XML type, so the JDBC driver does not support it. This includes the following methods which throw a SQLException.

  • ResultSet.getSQLXML(int)
  • ResultSet.getSQLXML(String)

SQL Ref type. The SQL engine in RDM has no Ref type, so the JDBC driver does not support it. This includes the following methods which throw a SQLException.

  • ResultSet.getRef(int)
  • ResultSet.getRef(String)

SQL ROWID type. Although the SQL engine in RDM does have a rowid concept it is limited, so the JDBC driver limits what can be done. The following methods throw SQLExceptions.

  • ResultSet.getRowId(int)
  • ResultSet.getRowId(String)

Scrollable cursors. The SQL engine only supports static, forward-only cursors. Attempting to set the resultSetType to anything other than ResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY or attempting to move in any other direction than forwards throws a SQLException. This affects the following methods.

  • ResultSet.absolute(int row)
  • ResultSet.afterLast()
  • ResultSet.beforeFirst()
  • ResultSet.first()
  • ResultSet.last()
  • ResultSet.previous()
  • ResultSet.relative()

JDBC deprecated functions. The following are deprecated in JDBC 4.0 and thus are unsupported by the RDM JDBC driver and will throw a SQLException.

  • ResultSet.getBigDecimal(int, int)
  • ResultSet.getBigDecimal(String, int)
  • ResultSet.getUnicodeStream(int)
  • ResultSet.getUnicodeStream(String)

Modifiable result sets. The SQL engine in RDM does not allow a result set to be modified. The following methods will throw a SQLException.

  • ResultSet.cancelRowUpdates()
  • ResultSet.deleteRow()
  • ResultSet.getCursorName()
  • ResultSet.insertRow()
  • ResultSet.moveToInsertRow()
  • ResultSet.updateArray(int, Array)
  • ResultSet.updateArray(String, Array)
  • ResultSet.updateAsciiStream(int, InputStream)
  • ResultSet.updateAsciiStream(int, InputStream, int)
  • ResultSet.updateAsciiStream(int, InputStream, long)
  • ResultSet.updateAsciiStream(String, InputStream)
  • ResultSet.updateAsciiStream(String, InputStream, int)
  • ResultSet.updateAsciiStream(String, InputStream, long)
  • ResultSet.updateBigDecimal(int, BigDecimal)
  • ResultSet.updateBigDecimal(String, BigDecimal)
  • ResultSet.updateBinaryStream(int, InputStream)
  • ResultSet.updateBinaryStream(int, InputStream, int)
  • ResultSet.updateBinaryStream(int, InputStream, long)
  • ResultSet.updateBinaryStream(String, InputStream)
  • ResultSet.updateBinaryStream(String, InputStream, int)
  • ResultSet.updateBinaryStream(String, InputStream, long)
  • ResultSet.updateBlob(int, Blob)
  • ResultSet.updateBlob(int, InputStream)
  • ResultSet.updateBlob(int, InputStream, long)
  • ResultSet.updateBlob(String, Blob)
  • ResultSet.updateBlob(String, InputStream)
  • ResultSet.updateBlob(String, InputStream, long)
  • ResultSet.updateBoolean(int, boolean)
  • ResultSet.updateBoolean(String, boolean)
  • ResultSet.updateByte(int, byte)
  • ResultSet.updateByte(String, byte)
  • ResultSet.updateBytes(int, byte[])
  • ResultSet.updateBytes(String, byte[])
  • ResultSet.updateCharacterStream(int, Reader)
  • ResultSet.updateCharacterStream(int, Reader, int)
  • ResultSet.updateCharacterStream(int, Reader, long)
  • ResultSet.updateCharacterStream(String, Reader)
  • ResultSet.updateCharacterStream(String, Reader, int)
  • ResultSet.updateCharacterStream(String, Reader, long)
  • ResultSet.updateClob(int, Clob)
  • ResultSet.updateClob(int, Reader)
  • ResultSet.updateClob(int, Reader, long)
  • ResultSet.updateClob(String, Clob)
  • ResultSet.updateClob(String, Reader)
  • ResultSet.updateClob(String, Reader, long)
  • ResultSet.updateDate(int, Date)
  • ResultSet.updateDate(String, Date)
  • ResultSet.updateDouble(int, double)
  • ResultSet.updateDouble(String, double)
  • ResultSet.updateFloat(int, float)
  • ResultSet.updateFloat(String, float)
  • ResultSet.updateInt(int, int)
  • ResultSet.updateInt(String, int)
  • ResultSet.updateLong(int, long)
  • ResultSet.updateLong(String, long)
  • ResultSet.updateNCharacterStream(int, Reader)
  • ResultSet.updateNCharacterStream(int, Reader, long)
  • ResultSet.updateNCharacterStream(String, Reader)
  • ResultSet.updateNCharacterStream(String, Reader, long)
  • ResultSet.updateNClob(int, NClob)
  • ResultSet.updateNClob(int, Reader)
  • ResultSet.updateNClob(int, Reader, long)
  • ResultSet.updateNClob(String, NClob)
  • ResultSet.updateNClob(String, Reader)
  • ResultSet.updateNClob(String, Reader, long)
  • ResultSet.updateNString(int, String)
  • ResultSet.updateNString(String, String)
  • ResultSet.updateNull(int)
  • ResultSet.updateNull(String)
  • ResultSet.updateObject(int, Object)
  • ResultSet.updateObject(int, Object, int)
  • ResultSet.updateObject(String, Object)
  • ResultSet.updateObject(String, Object, int)
  • ResultSet.updateRef(int, Ref)
  • ResultSet.updateRef(String, Ref)
  • ResultSet.updateRow()
  • ResultSet.updateRowId(int, RowId)
  • ResultSet.updateRowId(String, RowId)
  • ResultSet.updateShort(int, short)
  • ResultSet.updateShort(String, short)
  • ResultSet.updateSQLXML(int, SQLXML)
  • ResultSet.updateSQLXML(String, SQLXML)
  • ResultSet.updateString(int, String)
  • ResultSet.updateString(String, String)
  • ResultSet.updateTime(int, Time)
  • ResultSet.updateTime(String, Time)
  • ResultSet.updateTimestamp(int, Time)
  • ResultSet.updateTimestamp(String, Time)