Third Party Replication

SymmetricDS is a system that allows for replication from multiple database vendors to multiple database vendors. With the release of RaimaDB 16.0, Raima is a supported database engine for SymmetricDS.

Installation Steps

  1. Install RaimaDB located here
  2. Install SymmetricDS located here: Download SymmetricDS Data Sync Software for Free and use default values.
    Once install is completed, SymmetricDS should automatically start.
  3. Move the RaimaDB java library into the SymmetricDS lib folder.
  4. Stop the SymmetricDS service if it is active.
  5. Create an RaimaDB Database for replication. Please follow steps here if needed: See Defining a Schema
  6. Start up the rdm-tfs with the database you just created: See rdm-tfs
  7. Restart the SymmetricDS service.
  8. Click the "Open Web Console" button to open the web interface.
  9. Click "Master" on the first dialog box.
  10. Select "Raima" and fill out the connection string as shown in the below image:

Note: Replace COREDB with the database you created in Step 5

  1. Continue the process by clicking "Next" until you reach the "Configure Admin User" dialog box.
  2. Type "admin" as user ID and no password as shown the below image and click "Next".

  1. Click "Finish" on the "Ready to Install" dialog box.

Your database should be setup to replicate from the master side now. For further information, please follow instructions at SymmetricDS’s documentation: SymmetricDS Pro 3.9.25 User Guide