Below is a list of utility programs that are included in the RaimaDB package. The "--help" option for each of the command line utilities provides summary information about the tools usage and the options available to be used on the command line. Many of the command line utilities have an associated API so the functionality of the utility can be embedded into an application developed by the user.

rdm-compile Database Schema Compiler Utility
rdm-copy Database Copy Utility
rdm-create Database Creation Tool
rdm-crypt Database Encryption Utility
rdm-drop Database Drop Utility
rdm-export Database Export Utility
rdm-info Database Info Utility
rdm-import Data Import Utility
rdm-initialize Database Initialization Utility
rdm-regodbc ODBC Driver Installer Utility
rdm-repair Repair Utility
rdm-sql SQL Command Processor Utility
rdm-tfs Transactional File Server
rdm-vacuum Database Vacuum Utility
rdm-replicate Database Replicate Utility
rdm-admin-gui Administrative GUI WebApp